The Barner monthly Body MOT | Fitness Assessment is the next step in designing each client his or her individual exercise, nutrition and lifestyle prescription. This assessment is an essential part as it determines what each client is achieving by logging their results, so they can see the changes and improvement's for themselves as the figures never lie!

The assessment includes measurements of your blood pressure and heart rate. The reasons for this test enables us to discover any Cardiovascular Diseases such as high blood pressure which then in tern can be supported with the correct solutions. For individuals who are focused on their training, finding their correct heart rate zones for optimal performance and if so fat loss goals.

Postural Analysis A posture assessment screening will analyze how you hold your body against gravity and find posture problems that can then be corrected through our training and home programs. The postural screen helps us discover if muscles function properly, looks at abnormal wear of joints that could lead to arthritis, prevention of muscular pain, and also reduces fatigue. This is a 5 minutes process that can change your life

Glucose and Cholesterol testing enables us to measure the amount of a sugar called glucose in a sample of your blood. This is very important as it can determine the effects sugar has on body fat, fatigue but more importantly the potential effects of type 2 diabetes

Peak flow tests measures the airflow through the lungs. It identifies how effective or respiratory system is if the are any Cardio Vascular Diseases.

The Multi Stage Fitness Test and Muscular Endurance Tests identifies the efficiency of individual's cardio vascular fitness and muscular endurance. Both of these principles help with an individuals daily activates and functionality of the tasks.

Body Fat Composition (included muscle mass and body fat testing) and body shape change measurements. The measures also help us support your nutritional intake, help with effective hormone production and support with effective goal setting.

BMI is a measure for human body shape based on an individual's mass and height., This is something the doctor would use to measure your healthy state.

The Barner Heath Status Questionnaire will help determine if you have any health issues that would limit your ability to exercise or require modifications to your program. The Barner Nutritional Status Questionnaire will help provide the barner with a bespoke nutritional plan to ensure they get every inch of results they want. The Nutritional Questionnaire provides a bio of each client to help with sleep, stress, energy levels and weight loss results.

One of the things that The Body Barn prides its self on is the ability to look at clients as an individual, to support them through their own personal journeys and achieve promised results. One way we believe that's imperative to you knowing your body is through a 10-point fitness test and a personal Body MOT.

  • Blood Pressure
  • Glucose & Cholesterol
  • Peak Flow Analysis
  • Postural Analysis
  • Body Fat Measurements
  • Strength Test, Press Up & Sit Up
  • Body Measurement
  • BMI
  • Nutritional & Health Par Q
  • Multi Stage Fitness Test
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