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Table of The Body Barn Packages
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Sessions will be limited to the time above initially due to other exciting developments within the business that you will find out all about in due course.


Something for you to consider: we would consider training x2 people at the same time and at the same hourly rate allowing you to split the cost of training, but only if you are of a similar fitness level and your training goals are the same.



The Booking process

In order to book any sessions, a consultation is needed with your trainer, to set and establish clear goals and realistic time frames. As part of the consultation and your training the following will be needed to be done:

  • Before and after pics
  • A contract outlining what is expected from both parties to achieve your goals and make them happen
  • Initial body measurements
  • Postural analysis
  • Body fat composition

This will in turn provide you with real data to track your progress and achievements.

Oh yeah...

*also includes programs to follow when not with your trainer
+ please refer to New fitness test doc due within the next few days.

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