Do you wander down the shopping aisles overwhelmed by nutrition labels?

Do you spend much more money on your food shopping then your really want to, and still throw half of this away?

Do you get confused about what is right or wring to eat and how much of it to eat?

We will be running practical nutrition-education sessions with a difference; a group activity held at local supermarkets where a we provide information on hot topics in the nutritional world and support Members on their individual journeys


Personal Shopper Supermarket Package Visits

Over 4 hours of tours and one to one consultations will enable you to explore, and start to achieve your goals.

You may wish to progress to our personalised supermarket tour where your specific dietary requirements can be discussed. These tours focus on the foods that matter most to you and are tailored to your current goals.. Learn how to identify target nutrients and understand the health claims on food packages to maximise your health.

Contact Us for your Personal Shopper

Why shop with us?

  • Gain a better knowledge of food labels to make healthier and informed choices
  • Understand portion sizes specific to your daily needs
  • Plan, prepare and create tasty healthy meals and snacks
  • Learn how to eat on a budget from feeding one to a family
  • Top tips and tools to help make healthy choices whilst eating on the go


Who would this benefit?

  • Those leading busy lifestyles – if you find you regularly miss meals and eat on the go.
  • Those who feel they have a good nutrition but need a little guidance to help meet their goals.
  • Those who have fusser eaters in the family – tips given on what and how to offer it
  • Those who want to jazz up there trolley and add variety to there diet.
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