About The Body Barn - Newport Shropshire

The Body Barn was formulated in order to bring personal training to the masses by making it affordable.

Our mission is to try and dispel the negative stigma that for years has been associated with the wellness industry.

  • We aim to always deliver innovative training that ensures you will get the results that you want but furthermore deserve!
  • We will ensure a safe and friendly environment for you to come and train in at all times.
  • We will measure your results both in fitness levels and body measurements every month.
  • We will give you free nutritional guidance to ensure maximum results when combined with our classes.
  • We will constantly look at ways to improve the training we deliver by re-investing back into the business with new and innovative equipment.
  • We promise to keep class sizes to a maximum of 30 people per class, ensuring maximum client trainer time for everyone.
The Body Barn covering Newport, Telford, Shropshire
The Body Barn's Maurice Cooney

Find out more about The Body Barn's Maurice Cooney

The Body Barn's Maurice Cooney

My aim is to educate people and help them to realise that exercise can be enjoyable and that it doesn't have to be a chore and my goal is to constantly motivate and coach people to help them believe that they can achieve their goals, whether that be to lose those extra few lbs or increase their general fitness and improve their way of life.

The Body Barn's Danny Robb

Find out more about The Body Barn's Danny Robb

The Body Barn's Danny Robb

My aim is to support people change their lives; revolutionizing the mindset forever. The Body Barn will positively affect all aspects the lifestyle, tailoring everyday routines, proving innovative exercise to ensure results every time. My view is - if you believe in change you will change.

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